5.5 Billion Dollar Foreign Loan: Your Debt Profile Is Rising - IMF Warns Nigeria

The International Monetary Fund has warned the Nigerian federal government about its rising debt profile, just as President Buhari seeks approval from NASS to borrow $5.5 billion to fund the budget

- Tobias Adrian, a director at the financial institution, stated that if Nigeria does not put the resources gotten from increased borrowing to good use, it would pose serious challenges for the nation

- However, Catherine Pattillo, an assistant director at the IMF admitted that Nigeria has undertaken lots of positive reforms; but stated that the government must do more especially in terms of mobilizing non-oil revenue

The federal government has been warned about its rising debt profile, especially foreign loans, by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The Nation reports.

The financial institution issued the warning on Wednesday, October 11.

This comes following President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent request to the National Assembly for approval to borrow $5.5 billion to fund the 2017 budget.

NAIJ.com gathers that Tobias Adrian, IMF director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, lamented over the fact that the external borrowing of low income countries including Nigeria, keeps rising.

He stressed that if the resources gotten from such borrowing are not put to good use, it would become a serious challenge.

According to data from the Debt Management Office, Nigeria’s public debt as at June 2017 stood at $64.19 billion (N19.63 trillion).

However, Catherine Pattillo, IMF assistant director, Fiscal Affairs Department, admitted that Nigeria has undertaken lots of positive reforms such as improving infrastructure especially in the power sector.

Despite this though, she urged the federal government to do more especially in mobilizing more non-oil revenues.

She stated: “The concern in a number of oil exporters is that unless there is action now, debt which has been rising is a concern because of the interest payments.

“So, if you have continuing rise in debt, the interest payments would consume a large part of any revenue that you collect and you won’t be able to use that revenue for the objectives of the economic growth and recovery programme like increasing growth and employment.

“So for insuring that you have the ability to use those revenues for enhancing expenditure, there is a need to make sure that interest to revenue is kept at reasonable level.”

Meanwhile, NAIJ.com previously reported that a recent report concluded that the total foreign debt profile of the federal and the 36 states governments and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), showed a continuous rise since the coming of the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

Under the current government, Nigeria’s foreign debt profile rose from $10.718 billion in 2015, to $11.406 billion in 2016 and $15.047 billion in 2017

South Korea develops 'blackout bombs' that can take down Pyongyang without firing a shot

A South Korean Hyunmoo II ballistic missile is fired last month

The South Korean military is developing a new weapon to fight North Korea's growing nuclear capabilities.

Seoul's Agency for Defense Development (ADD) has acquired the technology to build graphite bombs, non-lethal weapons that can take down North Korea's power system in case of a war, according to military sources who spoke to South Korea's news agency Yonhap on Sunday.

“All technologies for the development of a graphite bomb led by the ADD have been secured,” a military official said. “It is in the stage where we can build the bombs anytime.”

Known as “blackout bombs,” the warheads can be dropped by a plane over power stations. A form of cluster bombs, they split into several canister-like “sub-munitions,” which in turn release carbon graphite filaments that short-circuit the electricity supplies.

The bombs were first used by the U.S. Navy in 1991 to black out power supply in Iraq during the first Gulf War. They were later also deployed against Serbia during the Balkan conflict in 1999.

After their use in Kosovo, NATO spokesperson Jamie Shea said that the bomb's impact is mostly psychological, as the targeted country feels literally and figuratively powerless. “We can turn the power off whenever we need to and whenever we want to,” Shea told the BBC at the time.

South Korea is adding the weapons to its arsenal as part of one of its recently-developed military programs, the so-called “Kill Chain,” which aims to detect an imminent missile attack from the North and react with a pre-emptive strike.

As reported by the Korea Times in 2016, the arms build-up also includes the Korea Air and Missile Defense Program, tasked with tracking and shooting down nuclear missiles heading for South Korea, and an initiative known as the Korean Massive Punishment and Retaliation system, which would first strike back against a North Korean attack.

Originally due for completion in the mid-2020s, South Korea has sped up the program's timeline to face North Korea's rapidly advancing nuclear weapons development program.

Monitoring groups such as the Nuclear Threat Initiative recorded Pyongyang conducting 19 missile tests this year alone, including two intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S. mainland . North Korea also tested a hydrogen bomb in its sixth —and most powerful—nuclear test to date.

The South Korean military says there are no signs of an imminent threat.

“We have yet to detect any signs of immediate provocations from North Korea,” a South Korean military source said on Monday, quoted in Yonhap , adding: “We are maintaining an upgraded monitoring effort to guard against any developments.”

Delta Assembly approves N1.9bn for completion of stadium

The Delta House of Assembly on Tuesday approved the request of N1.9 billion for the completion of Asaba township stadium brought to it by Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa.

The request of the governor was contained in a letter read during the plenary of the Assembly in Asaba by the Speaker of the House, Chief Sheriff Oborevwori.

Okowa said that in spite of the huge investment on the ongoing Asaba township project which was inherited from his predecessors, the project was yet to be completed.

He said that his administration was determined to complete the project, adding that the project, when completed would boost sports activities in the state.

The Governor said that the contract was awarded at the cost of N1.9 billion with a completion period of four months ending in December 2017, based on the contractor’s finance arrangement.

Gov. Okowa said that the state government would make payment to the contractor for a period of 18 months through an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order.

According to Okowa, the State Executive Council at its 10th meeting which was held on June 20 and June 21 had approved the funding approach and issuance of the Irrevocable Standing Payment Order subject to the ratification of the State House of Assembly.

Okowa, therefore, solicited for the support of the assembly for speedy completion of the project.

Consequently, the Majority Leader of the Assembly, Mr Tim Owhefere, who moved a motion for the House to receive the letter for further consideration said the letter was of necessity as it would further promote sports development in the state.

He said that the state government was looking at alternative ways of funding projects in spite of the paucity of funds which should be encouraged.

The motion was unanimously adopted when put to a voice vote by the speaker.

Gov Okowa Bags Dignity Of Man Award

... As Ugwuanyi, Sultan Attends 57th Founders' Day Of UNN

ACTIVITIES of the Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to make life better for humanity has been recognised with the 'Dignity of Man Award' confered on him by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The ceremony which was attended by the Governor of Enugu State, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi saw the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa' ad Abubakar III, delivering the 'Dignity of Man' lecture titled, 'Restoring the Dignity of Man: Education as a veritable tool'.

Prof. Uchenna Azikiwe, wife of late sage and founder of the University, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, former Governor of Cross Rivers State, Mr Donald Duke were among dignitaries who graced the award Friday (06/10/17) which climaxed activities lined up to celebrate the 57th Founders' Day celebration of the University.

Governor Okowa thanked the University for the recognition and called for equal, opportunities if the dignity of man must be restored.

"We will not be able to restore the dignity of man if we fail to give equal opportunities to all," he said, asserting, "restoring the dignity of man is something we all should think about, we should be conscious of our words and actions, we should continue to ensure that the things we do should improve on the self worth of Nigerians."

He emphasized, "it is my hope that we will stay together and build the country, what we need most is restructuring our minds from the leaders to the followers, there must be ways to empower our people because, economic insecurity is the worst thing that can happen to man; as long as the population is growing faster than the economy, the worth of man will not be what it is supposed to be."

Governor Ugwuanyi congratulated Governor Okowa on the award which Prof. Edith Nwosu had disclosed was given to the Governor, "for pioneering landmark policy reforms and inclusive transformation of Delta State."

In his lecture, the Sultan said sound education should be the beginning for a better future, asserting, "knowledge is light and the restoration of the Dignity of Man should be with the eradication of ignorance."

Chairman of the occasion, HRM Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike who went through memory lane, recalled that experience of Africans, discriminations in different forms caused the University to adopt 'Restore the Dignity of Man' as its motto.

He expressed joy that to a large extent the discriminations has reduced with a black man emerging as the President of the United States of America (USA) but, called for Africans to be proud of what they have and reduce imbibing of foreign culture.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba in an opening speech, said the annual lecture was designed to address the challenges facing the society and congratulated Governor Okowa for bagging the University's award.


On October 5, 1967, during the bloody civil war, federal troops occupied the peaceful town of Asaba, Nigeria, on the west bank of the Niger River. They accused the people of supporting the retreating Biafran army and for two days rampaged the town killing hundreds of innocent, unharmed citizens.

At the crux of this genocidal act, on Saturday, October 7, 1967, thousands of the people of Asaba, came together screaming ''One Nigeria, One Nigeria,'' believing a show of support for the Nigerian government would pacify the situation. Instead, after the separation of the women and children from men and adolescent boys, the bullet-hungry soldiers gathered the male folks in the centre of the Ogbe-Osowa village and turned their machine guns on them.

More than 700 died with many seriously wounded. Most families could not retrieve the bodies and the dead were buried in mass graves. At the end of that week, more than 1000 civilians were killed, raped, molested, threatened and Asaba laid in ruins. Many fled never to return until the war ended in 1970.

Colonel Murtala Mohammed was the commanding officer of the 2nd division which was responsible for the legendary beating back of the Biafran Army from the Mid-West Region, as well as crossing the River Niger and linking up with the 1st Division which was marching down from Nnsuka and Enugu.

Whether Murtala ordered the massacre or not, it was his division and must therefore take full responsibility.

The casualties were not soldiers or combatants. They were not caught by friendly fire or accidental discharge. They were gathered together and gunned down in what remains one of the most callous incidents of the Nigerian Civil War.

The males who survived the war were those who were sick or too old to come to the square, those who were lucky during the shooting and those who escaped.

Interestingly, the Asaba story was never told as the starving children of Biafra dwarfed the gory event in Asaba.

After the soldiers left, leaving blood and death behind, the stinking unidentified bodies were buried in a mass grave by the lucky survivors.

For decades, Asaba has lived with this horrific and traumatic experience in silence. Most Nigerians have never heard of the fate that befell Asaba people on October 7, 1967. Ironically, those who led this massacre rose to become national heroes, with monuments named after them and beautiful stories told about them.

It is therefore pathetic that those who murdered unarmed civilians in Asaba have never been reprimanded in life or in death, neither has the Federal Government of Nigeria admitted that its troops murdered its citizens, who pledged unflinching loyalty, without provocation is a dent on Nigeria’s image and a shame to a country ''where peace and justice'' is supposed to reign.
We must know our history. #HistoryVille

#TheNationRemembers #GoneButNotForgotten #AsabaMassacre

Okowa Restores Hope To 12-Year-Old Boy With Tumour

By Chioma Umeha

Nothing could be more devastating than watching one’s own healthy, beautiful born child transformed to a horrible sight, no thanks to a sudden ailment.

This was the predicament of 12-year-old Wisdom Geofoeyin, who developed tumour in his left facial region, diagnosed as ossifying fibroma – cancer of the immune system.

Wisdom was living with this strange ailment that caused him a lot of discomfort for three years now, while his low income earners parents watched him helplessly.

However, help came to him recently, from Senator (Dr.).Ifeanyi Okowa, Delta State Governor, who sponsored his surgery at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), Oghara.

Describing his suffering before the surgery, Wisdom told INDEPENDENT; “I travelled to Port Harcourt with my father and we stopped over in a hotel. The hotel attendant walked close and asked me to walk out of the hotel because of my facial appearance that looked grotesque.

“I was to write my JSS Three Examination, but because of my swollen face, the school authority asked my parents to keep me back at home for fear of infecting other students; I felt being stigmatised by people around me. My classmates were scared of my look and those on the street always turned around to look at my face.”

His father, Omadina Geofoeyin, a retired teacher who is native of Omadino in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State, but resides in Niger state, while narrating his ordeal, stated, “The growth started small in 2014, but it came to his attention as something getting bigger in 2015.

“The excruciating pains, difficulty in breathing and the sleepless nights which Wisdom passed through, due to the growth that gradually occupied more than half of his face, become a great concern for us.

“We were more scared of losing him, and as a result of which, we had to apply traditional medicine, visited different hospitals both in Sokoto as well as Minna, Niger state, where series of test was conducted, Geofoeyin explained.

“However, we did not have money to foot the operation expenses. I explored every avenue to seek help from well-meaning Nigerians in Niger state, but no assistance came forth, until providence brought me to Oghara, having heard that Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa was to hold a town hall meeting.

“The sight of the Governor on the dejected and helpless state of my son moved him with compassion and he quickly recommended that the child should be taken to the Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic of the DELSUTH at his expense, as he believed that DELSUTH had the facilities and capable hands to remove the tumour,” the retired teacher added.

The Chief Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Onome Ogueh, was delighted over the successful surgery.

He thanked the Governor for having real interest in the health sector and for all he has done for DELSUTH since he came into office.

Dr Mabel Etetafia, a Consultant, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon told journalists after the surgery that she was happy about its outcome.

She however stated that they would need to do a little corrective touch and is sure “the boy would be finer than this, and thereafter he can go about his normal activities to actualise his dream for life.”

Photo: Before: Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), Oghara medical team preparing Wisdom Geofoeyin for surgery. Inset: After: Wisdom (middle) sitting with his parents after the surgery.

Source: Daily Independent

Okowa Performs Ground-Breaking Ceremony For 150MW Power Plant

 ... Calls For Strong Manufacturing Sector In Nigeria

 DELTA State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has performed the ground-breaking ceremony for a 150 Megawatts (MW) power plant, saying Nigeria deserves a strong manufacturing sector to boost the economy.

 Performing the ground breaking ceremony in Sapele Local Government (28/09/17), Governor Okowa stated , "there is no doubt that for us to grow in this country, we need to revive our manufacturing sector and to achieve that, we require steady power supply and security."

 "With strong manufacturing sector, we shall depend less on revenue from oil, our youths will be gainfully employed and to have a strong manufacturing sector, we need energy and finances at low cost," the Governor said.

 While noting that energy generated in the country was still low, the Governor who attended the ceremony with retinue of aides, expressed confidence that with the increase in the construction of energy-generating power plants in the country, in the nearest future, there will be uninterrupted power supply in the country.

 He urged the distribution companies to increase their capacities to utilize the energy generated in the country.

 The Governor congratulated Proton Energy Limited for the successful ground breaking ceremony and used the occasion to re-echo Vice President Yemi Osibanjo's call on oil companies to relocate their headquarters to areas of operation.

 "Relocation of headquarters of oil companies to their areas of operation is in their best interest, interest of the nation, the state and the communities," the Governor emphasized, adding, "when they relocate to their areas of operations, the people will know that the companies care about them, they will not destroy oil facilities; our communities are peaceful and safe for business activities."

 The Orodje of Okpe, HRM Orhue 1, Major Gen. Felix Mujakperuo (retd) stated that Sapele and other parts of Delta State are safe for business and urged the companies operating in the area to stick to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the community in carrying out their activities.

 Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Proton Energy, Mr Oti Ikomi, in an address, said, "this project will be attracting close to two hundred and fifty million US Dollars ($250 million) of Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria, assisting industrialization, business and job growth in the country, in Delta State and in particular, here in Sapele where up to 1000 jobs will be utilized during construction."

Women supporting women, no matter what! Read what BBN's Bisola shared about her former housemates

Addressing her former Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates; Marvis, Tboss, Debie-Rise, Ese, Uriel and Cocoice, Bisola celebrated Women Crush Wednesday in a post on Instagram this morning, writing;
"I have lived, laughed, cried, argued,quarrelled, Joked, shared, eaten, sang etc with these women and I have a connection with them because personally I feel they are the only ones who know how it feels to have a continent watch you/judge you/curse you out and praise you. Many people expect that after BBN some of these ladies n myself would have severed ties because of some misunderstandings we might have had but hey nobody is perfect WE were competing against each other and being scrutinized at the same time.
I won't stop being friends with them, I won't stop supporting them because whether you like it or not we are all part of each other's success stories and you know what it's not everything we put out on social media. We always come through for each other like Bandededeng cos #wenotregular #wcw #iloveyall"

Here's how to get Kcee's second studio album 'Attention To Detail' from every music store online

Nigerian pop star and Five Star Music General, Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo popularly called Kcee recently released his much anticipated second solo studio album titled 'Attention To Detail'.
The new album is a 19-track masterpiece with 3 bonus and amazing collaborations with the very best of African musicians including Sauti Sol, 2face Idibia, Phyno, Tekno, Shatta Wale, Patoranking, Flavour, Olamide and Falz while producers who worked on the album include Dr Amir, Mystro, Kris Beatz and Black Jezzy.
Kcee is currently on a Nationwide tour and the album continues to gain momentum worldwide. Below are links to get the album on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and other digital online music stores.

Photos: "We saw heavy flames going up" - Lady recalls how their church and school were razed during the 2011 post-election violence in Kaduna

Irate mobs took to the streets of northern Nigeria to violently protest when it became apparent that Goodluck Jonathan won the 2011 presidential election.
In Bauchi State, corp members murdered in cold blood by mobs. In Kaduna State, innocent people were killed, churches, houses and schools belonging to Christians, razed.
Redemption Academy Schools and Chapel of Redemption Mando, Kaduna were among buildings razed to the ground by CPC supporters.
Love Ebunolaomoraiyewa, whose family owns the school and church, took to Facebook to share how they barely escaped death after CPC supporters went on rampage. Read her story below:
"My mother and I were home alone that fateful day in April 2011. Her phone rang. It was someone from church. The person simply said 'Mummy, they (CPC supporters) said they are coming to burn down the church, the school and the house'. PDP had just won the election in Nigeria and it affected Kaduna state and somehow, CPC felt the need to take it out on Christian schools and churches. She made calls and then she asked that we join hands and we PRAYED. We came out of our house and walked to the junction. We continued praying there and then it happened. We saw heavy flames going up. Even though we could not see the buildings from where we stood, we knew it had happened. And I broke down uncontrollably in tears. My mother looked at me and said 'Why are you crying?' Huh
We had not left when someone arrived from the scene to tell us how all the policemen had absconded and how they were now headed for our house. My mother said 'run' and we took to our heels. We rushed back home, locked our door and we started to run on foot to a family friend's house who was military. We got there and met other displaced people too. I remember everyone sharing a meal of moi-moi. Some were crying. My mother seemed so in charge of her emotions. My dad was in America. Different time zones, it was useless to call him. All the decisions rested with her. We heard the Christian youths had teamed up. They surrounded our house and it was spared. A curfew was declared. My mother called another officer from church, he promised to send a rescue team. And he kept his word. It was like in the movies. My mum and I jumped into the military van. They took us home and asked us to pick essentials. The confusion ? my hands were shaking terribly. Anyway, we picked few clothes and money and hopped on. The streets were deserted. Bodies could be seen on the ground. We arrived the Air Force Base. It was filled with human beings who had escaped on foot. They had set up tents and just grateful to be alive. We were blessed to get a comfortable accommodation. We had money we could not spend. Nobody was selling anything then. We got through to my dad eventually. My mother had to switch off her phone because the people calling to console were too many. My mother said to me 'Love, now is the time to focus. School will soon resume'  ?? what kind of human being is this one? We don't even know how we will survive in this case and she was already thinking of the life after. Then Mami  market came alive. I was beginning to feel like one of the Barracks  babes. I even made my hair sef. Nothing do me ??. Those were my own priorities ? My mother convinced the military men to take her back to the site to assess the damage. She did not take me along, it was too risky. I was so worried. She was gone a very long time. She returned with so many loaves of bread. Our fellow campers were so happy. She saw a small bakery operating when she went out. That bread was like manna yo. She briefed  me that we cannot use the structures for both the church and school anymore. EVERYTHING (computers, books, uniforms etc) was gone.
A few weeks later, the curfew was lifted. My mother began to scout for a place to rent. The church had ordered for a very massive tent from Lagos under which we worshipped for months. She found a 3 bedroom apartment. Got a loan, paid for it and demarcated. We got school supplies released to us on trust and we paid little by little. Both the church (Chapel of Redemption Mando Kaduna) and school (Redemption Academy Schools) buildings are standing in new sites today; bigger and better.
She said to me later after the ordeal was over and I paraphrase 'I did not have time to cry. Children would still need to go to school. I needed to focus. I can't afford to lose both ways
Maybe I will find time to cry when we are very settled' ????
When David lost his child after all his praying and fasting. Bros just stood up, thanked God and asked for food to eat. His house members were surprised he wanted to eat and he said 'why should I fast? Can I bring him back?' 2 Sam 12:20-23
You need to make peace with God's answer to your prayer whether you like it or not. Be thankful and move on. You can't get back what was lost. Make the most of every situation. What's the point wasting energy mourning over what cannot be changed. Do not ruin the time left grieving over what was lost. Stop wasting valuable time feeling sorry for yourself. Live each day to the fullest. Restrategize; something has to work. Start another IVF treatment, consider adoption, try another business, give love a chance again, make new friends, go on that trip you've always wanted, buy that bag you love if it makes you happy, apply for that scholarship; who knows, slide into that DM?, go for that audition, take that step whatever it is BUT by all means, keep moving.
Peace, Love and sunshine
P.s if this has blessed you, share and be a blessing

Popular Indian journalist, Gauri Lankesh shot dead outside her home

55-years old Gauri Lankesh, a veteran Indian journalist known for her outspoken criticism of Hindu nationalist politics has been shot dead outside her home in Bangalore.

Police who recovered her body onTuesday night said she had been killed by unknown gunmen on a motorcycle. Her body was reportedly found lying in a pool of blood near the door of her house.

Until her death, Lankesh was the editor of left-wing independent newspaper Lankesh Patrike, founded by her late father.

Activists say journalists are being increasingly targeted by radical Hindu nationalists and her death is the latest in a string of assassinations targeting journalists and secularists critical of extreme Hindu nationalism and religious superstition in India.

In 2015, scholar Malleshappa M. Kalburgi was shot dead at his home in Bangalore and earlier that same year politician and writer Govind Pansare was killed too.

According to Karnataka state's chief minister Siddaramaiah'there cannot be any personal reasons attributed to her death because she had no personal enemies. So, the possibility is only political'.

Three men arrested with human heads, hands in Osun State


The Osun State Police Command arrested three male suspects with two human heads and hands. Briefing newsmen on Tuesday, in Osogbo, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, said the suspects were arrested on Aug. 29 during a police stop and search operation.

"On August 29 at about 1;02 p.m, a police patrol team on a stop and search operation on Ogbomosho/Oyo Road, at Agboro Area, stopped a motorcycle with two persons on it." he said “The persons on the motorcycle were searched and two severed human hands with gloves and a human head were found with them, and they were promptly arrested," In a similar development, one Adeniyi Adeyeye was also arrested with a human skull in his possession on same date at Oba’s compound in Moro, Ipetumodu.

Adeoye said detectives attached to the Ipetumodu Divisional Headquarters arrested the suspect and transfered him to Osogbo State Criminal Investigation Department. He said the skull found with the suspect was suspected to have been exhumed from a grave and that investigation was still ongoing on the matter. All the suspects would be charged to court at the conclusion of investigation.

Bobrisky rocks high-heeled shoes and braids, shows off his midriff in new photo

Self acclaimed Nigeria male barbie doll, Bobrisky shared the new photo on his Instagram page rocking high-heeled shoes, braids and a top showing off his midriff. 

The Rock meets 10-year-old 'Hero' who saved his brother from drowning by using technique he saw him use in a movie (Photos)

Actor, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has met with the 10-year-old boy who was able to rescue his 2-year-old brother's life by watching a scene in his movie, San Andreas.
10-year-old Jacob O'Connor was hailed by the former Wrestler after he found his little 2-year-old brother, Dylan laying facedown in their pool. He pulled him out and started CPR and chest compressions he learned from The Rock while watching him do it in his favorite movie, 'SAN ANDREAS.'

Sharing photos of them while he was on set of a new movie 'Skyscraper', the Rock wrote:
'Ladies and gentlemen, I finally met this real life 10yr old hero, Jacob O'Connor. He rescued his 2yr old brother after finding him facedown in their pool. '
'I said, not only do I shake hands, but when I meet heroic kids, I give hugs.. now get in here. Despite the fact I looked like 9 ways of hell, battered and bloodied from my scenes, Jacob reluctantly, gave me a hug. A very special day we had on our #Skyscraper set. #JacobOConnor #Hero
The Rock also met with Jacob's mom and his brother on Tuesday.
More photos below..

Gov Okowa Moves To Reposition Delta Line

DELTA State Government has debunked insinuations that the state transport service, Delta Line has been sold, saying that the company has been repositioned for greater efficiency, improved profitability.

The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Mr Ehiedu Aniagwu Charles at a well attended press conference in Asaba, (29/08/17) disclosed that Governor Okowa values the roles the transportation company plays in the lives of Deltans and Nigerians in general and has never contemplated sales of the company, adding that the state government only divested 60 percent of its equity shares to ensure greater efficiency and improved profitability.

According to him, it has been discovered that over the years, the management of the company had failed to deliver on the purpose the company was set up but, rather, has incurred huge debts and also, failed to meet with its contractual obligations to workers prompting government to look at better ways to ensure that the desired results of rendering services to Deltans was achieved while the state government makes money from the company.

Mr. Aniagwu who debunked insinuations that the transport company has been sold stated that Governor Okowa's administration has the intention of divesting government interests in the company by having 40 per cent equity shares while a reputable transport company takes 60 per cent shares.

"Delta State government wants the company (Delta Line) to remain as a going concern, that is why nobody can contemplate sales of the company," he said, stating, "for anything, the name Delta Line must be retained, so, we are going into a Public Private Partnership (PPP), we are only partnering with the private sector that has demonstrated so much confidence and ability to run the operation of such business; there is no intention to short change the state, rather the decision that was made is for the best interest of the state, the best interest of Deltans, the best interest of the finances of the state and above all, the best interest of the lives of everyone irrespective of where they come from who will take advantage of this transport service to move to and fro their different destinations; in a nutshell, these are objectives behind the decisions in respect of divesting part of state government's equity holding in Delta Line."

He continued, "the insinuation that Delta State government has sold Delta Line is false for what was done, was to divest some of government's equity with a view to bringing-in private hands to efficiently pilot the affairs of the cooperation and are looking at 60-40 equity holding as against 70-30 that was reported in some quarters; this is to ensure that the company comes in, reposition the Delta Line and put it on the path of profitability and when that is done, we can talk about liquidating the debt burden that at the moment has been the bain of the company."

"The state government is mindful of the need to have a transportation company that is efficient, effective and able to deliver to our people and to have vehicles that can take them to places they desire to go at the most reasonable costs and at the same time the image of the state will remain intact at that high standard".

Aniagwu stressed that the state government believe that over the years the Delta Line that was set up with very good intentions have not been able to live up to its expectations, both in terms of delivering on its obligation to the staff of the cooperation and also obligation to the state government who have put in enormous amount of funds in ensuring that the entity run as a viable transport company. Flanked by media aides to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa Mr Aniagwu said,

. "In the last two years government have taken pain to study the cooperation and how it is being run with a view to properly repositioning it and in the course of that study, it was discovered that it is practically impossible for government to effectively run it in such a way that it brings about efficiency that is desired and at the same time guarantee profitability; having done that review on the processes that run the operations of the company, we felt it was necessary for us to take a second look and in taking that second look, it became obvious that we needed experts and a private sector touch without taking away that aspect of the government's ownership. And what did we do? We first placed adverts sometime in December 2016 in two major newspapers - ThisDay and Vanguard to invite people to be part of this equity holding and after that we felt the need to still extend the deadline to January 2017, and in doing so, we also advertised in the state owned newspaper, The Pointer; after these adverts were closed and the bids closed and we scrutinized the individuals and organization that bided, we found one to be commercially, operationally and financially competent to be able to meet our recommendations on improving the transport sector and also delivering to our people, but, I can tell you that no Memorandum of Understanding has been signed yet but we have made appreciable progress in that direction."

On the NLC bid, Mr Aniagwu explained that the union apart from bidding late didn’t have the proven technical, operational and managerial competence to run such a company, stressing that the state government was interested in ensuring that Delta Line was run by competent hands that would ensure its continuous existence.

He averred that the MOU which would soon be signed provided for the retention of the company’s brand identity and identified competent staff, while ensuring the company was brought back to profitability.

Photos: Gov Okowa's Media Aides led by Mr. Aniagwu Charles (middle); Chief Press Secretary to the Delta State Governor, Prince Efeizomor Victor (3rd right) S.A on Media to the Governors; Special Assistant to the Governor on Electronic Media, Mr. Udemba Amaechi (3rd left); Special Assistant to the Governor on Community Newspapers, Mr. Jonathan Onwuka (2nd left); Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Mr. Nelson Egware (left); Special Assistant to the Governor on Social Media, Mr. Godspower Omafuvwe Asiuwhu (2nd right) and Political Aide to the Governor, on Special Duties Media, Mr Ossai Ovie Success, during a Press briefing with Delta State Journalist (NUJ) in Asaba On Alleged Sale of Delta Line

Photos: Commercial motorcyclist found dead along Sapele-Warri Road, his penis missing


A man identified as one Otowa Obiebi was murdered by ritualists along Sapele/Warri Road, Delta State in the early hours of today.
According to a Sapele Olofofo, his manhood was said to have been removed by the ritualists.

The deceased was until his death, a commercial motorcyclist popularly known as Okada rider and resided at Aghalokpe, SapeleTown.

'It is silly for JAMB to say they reduced cut off marks to stop Nigerians going abroad' - Ben Bruce

The decision by JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) to drastically reduce the cut off mark of students seeking University admission continues to generate more reactions from Nigerians.

Senator Ben Bruce is the latest to react to it and he had some very strong words as he tweeted, 'It is silly for JAMBHQ to say they reduced cut off marks to stop Nigerians going abroad. Only Increased education funding will stop that'.

Residential building collapses near Alaba International Market, Lagos (photos)

A residential building collapsed this morning at Ilufe Road near the very popular Alaba international market, Lagos state. According to reports, many lives were saved and the Lagos state emergency officials have sealed off the building.

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Miss BumBum contestants parade their killer curves as they get tied to trees (Photos)

The 2017 Miss BumBum contestants were out in full force to support Brazil President Michel Temer's campaign in promoting the value of forest against deforestation in the country.
The curvy contestants who decided to make their country proud with their bum bum, were tied to trees in the forest with their mouth taped as they join the campaign.

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