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Ladies, will you wear this bow bra?

Valentine's day is approaching and love is in the air. Lingerie brand, Bluebella is looking to cash in on the day with a quirky £38 bow bra that can be done up in a number of ways. The bra is sequel to a similarly quirky piece of lingerie the brand unveiled last year, The All Wrapped Up Body Bow - a giant satin ribbon in red, white or black which is worn across a naked woman's body like a ribbon on a present.

That piece quickly sold out and the brand is keen to replicate its success with the 'Body Bow' Alyssa bra. Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said:

'We were a little bowled over by the success of the All Wrapped Up Body Bow. 'We got record sales from a lingerie piece that half the fashion world hated - and the other half thought was funny, cheeky and outrageous. 'We wanted to repeat the success with a bold new design which retains all the fun elements of the All Wrapped Up Body Bow but more closely resembles Bluebella's modern design ethos. 'Like the body bow, wearers can tie or untie the Alyssa bra any way they like. It can be worn in several different ways to spice up Valentine's Day.
'It is a fun way for couples to stylishly bring burlesque to the bedroom because the bra unties so easily and can be taken off very sexily.'

Source: Daily Mail.


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