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'The true state of President Buhari's health' - Femi Adesina speaks

Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, was a guest on Channels TV last night where he gave a true picture of President Buhari's health.
"The true state of President Buhari's health is that the president is not ill. I have been in touch with the president and the people around him today(yesterday) just as I was also yesterday. The President is not ill, the president is fine.
Don't forget that the statement we issued said he was going on holiday and that during the holiday, he will do medical checkups. The sequence is very important. Holiday first, Medical checkup second. Nigerians want to turn the sequence. He is 74. Even if he is not 74, you need to check your health. The President is not ill. The President is Hale"he said 
Asked Why President Buhari has always sought medical attention oversees instead of in Nigeria, Adesina said "You have what is called medical history where you consult people who are used to you and your constitution and your health, they have your medical history. Before he became President, he has been using these people. It serves to reason that the same people should continue to attend to him".
On whether President Buhari ever uses the medical facility in Aso Rock, Adesina said "I can't say.  because when the President is at home, I have never seen him fall sick but he has a personal physician who attends to him. I will not be able to say categorically whether he uses the Aso Rock facility or not". 
Adesina said President Buhari knows that Nigerians are going through tough times.


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