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Is this the cutest four generation photo or not?

In this single photo stands four generations of very beautiful black women from one family. Far left is the great grandmother, second left is the grandmother, the one in the wedding gown is the mother, far right is her sister who is also a mother. The two little girls below are the daughters; one is the daughter of the bride and the other is the daughter of her sister beside her. Indeed, black don't crack!
The bride posted the photo with the caption;

"It's International Women's Day!!! πŸ‘‘ You're looking at four generations!!! My grandmother, mother, myself, baby sister, my daughter & niece (who are only three months apart), along with the princess in my belly! We clearly are Team Girl around these parts lol. How beautiful are these queens πŸ˜πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ Cheers to being a woman!


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