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Vocalic Eruption: TerryTheVoice

There’s really nothing like the human voice. It is our primary means of communication and not a lot of things can engage us like it can. The human voice is our most personal instrument and its range and versatility are unfathomable beyond measure.
Its origin dates as far back as humanity itself and what’s really fascinating about it is the fact that while billions of humans exist in the world today, it is safe to say that no two humans have the same voice.

Its use cuts acrossa myriad of activities; fromits basic use, speech (personal and interpersonal)to an intrinsic feature in many recent technological innovations today while still playing a vital role in the legal sceneas the basic tool used to prove innocence or guilt in criminalor civilcases. In the entertainment scene, almost every activity requires a voice to be successful. It wouldn’t be an oddity to say that the greater part of entertainment is overly dependent on the human voice.

Another essential role the voice plays could be seen amongcorporate establishments, product sellers and service providers where the voice comes in handy in marketing, presentations, dissemination of public relations messages and other organizational tasks.

The list could go on and on…

The nature of our voice in terms of tone, pitch and quality of articulation inflexions,send out subtle yet vital messages about who we are. It projects our mood and feelings at any given time. People can easily makeinferences as to our level of intelligence, determination, confidence and powerjust from hearing us speak. Being able to project the ‘right sound’ can make a vital difference to the way we are perceived and treated. Used properly, the voice can work for us in our personal relationships also, of course, in our business and professional life if the listener is attentive.
German classical composer Richard Strauss in time past stated that the human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all but the most difficult to play; famous British educator and poetHenry Wadsworth Longfellow perceived the human voice as the organ of the soul. The voice is present at the core of our personal power and can project whatever we propose; it expresses the rhythm and the purpose of our existence.

Furthermore, the sound and feelinga voice leaves in the minds of its audience matter almost twice as much as the message it intends to send across. This is because in the end, while the message would have been successfully sent across, it is these features that help the message stick. A singular reminiscence of the emotions felt or the sound heard while listening to the voice would bring about an instant replay of the message in the minds of the audience. This is why voice is just as important as visuals in basically any holistic branding or advertisement strategy today.

But it takes only a great voice to achieve the foregoing. Such a voice must have undergone a series of development procedures and practice schemes to refine it over time especially if it must generate leads or effectively disseminate messages in such a manner as to achieve the desired outcomes for which the messages were sent across.

Again, certain fundamental components define the credibility and authority of one’s voice, particularly as a professional voice talent. It takes intense concentration, advanced speech communication techniques, spot on sentence structure interpretation, proper articulation, sufficient understanding of semantics and specific attention to detail to produce near-perfect voiceovers to meet the client's need.

This is exactly what TerryTheVoice is about.

TerryTheVoice is a professional voiceover talent with over four years’ experience in radio broadcasting. Over this period of time, TerryTheVoice handled quite a number of voiceovers for various commercials, a documentary programme tagged: 'Today in History' and a series of public service announcements, gaining a wealth of experience in the process.

TerryTheVoice specializes in Commercials, Movie and Documentary (and related programmes) Narration, Public Service Announcements and Music Voice Tags.

However, his expertise is not limited to the aforementioned and can perform voiceovers that cut across different voice needs faultlessly. TerryTheVoice has also displayed remarkable musical proficiency as he delivered beyond expectations on the hook of soon-to-be released single, ‘Bad’ by

With a uniquely firm, reverberating bass voice, TerryTheVoice can grasp and sustain the attention of your audience for extended periods of time while ensuring that your message is effectively communicated and yields the desired outcomes.

Recent clients include: Chocolate City, Madison and Grey, Dream 92.5 FM, Miss Comely Queen Nigeria, The House of Nwapa and many others.
[**Embedded SoundCloud instant stream interface for TerryTheVoice’s demohttps://soundcloud.com/terrythevoice/moscowunderground**]

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