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Someone wrote a phenomenal review of The Selfmade Woman Conference (must read)

So one of the attendees of the Selfmade Woman Conference wrote an amazing review about the conference and when she sent it to me, I had to share. It sums up what happened at the event on Saturday. Read after the cut..

Linda Ikeji's Selfmade Woman Conference Review

It all went down on Saturday the 22nd of April 2017, a day like no other, Owambe functions literally stood still as young ladies across Nigeria made their way to Lagos city, the centre of excellence for the Linda Ikeji’s Self Made Woman Conference. The program was slated for 10am and Yes, I made it quite late to the Oriental Hotel where the program was to hold, at about 10:20am due to unforeseen circumstances. This time I couldn’t blame it on Lagos traffic but I was quite repentant about reaching the venue late since as a result of that I had to be a back bencher but hey, no harm done whatsoever.
On getting to the hotel after my amazing sister dropped me off, I spotted so many young ladies who looked so vibrant, beautiful and of course ecstatic as I was to learn at the feet of Intellectually sound and Self Made women. Speaking of  Intellectually sound and Self Made women I must say that the speakers at the conference willed such great strength, poise, confidence, simplicity, humility and calmness, wonderful traits that I admired about them all. We of course had the visionary herself Linda Ikeji who dazzled in an all white outfit, the host Peace Hyde and our wonderful and exemplary speakers from all works of life whom I would love to brief you about. We had, Drum roll please Dr .Olamide Orekurin. When I spotted her walking up to the stage in my mind I was like “who is this hot young lady in blue (Osheyy Mama blue)” now if you haven’t heard of her she is the CEO of Flying doctors, the first Air ambulance service in West Africa and yes I had to put the “C.E.O” in capital letters because putting it in small letters will undermine the capacity and intensity of this particular young lady. 
Next up , lights on please, we had the official one and only Officiallolo1 aka Adaku. Now, if you are conversant with the series Jenifa’s diary you would acknowledge that her acting skill simply is Impeccable. She is an astounding and brilliant OAP at Wazobia Fm in Lagos State Nigeria. Yes o! Officiallolo1 is a full fledged Naija Babe with no britiko forming. She was a great Inspirational speaker at the conference and trust me am not kidding when I say that , we were all literally in “Pen in book” mode  writing  everything that she told us and of course it had  a twist of humor with it. Off the records I highly recommend her as an Inspirational Speaker because she is thought provoking and has such great ability in carrying people along while speaking.   
On to the next big one we had, Kemi Adetiba herself in person o not like it was hologram representation. The king woman herself is Nigeria’s very own operation “Lets do this” , movie and music director and her works speak volume of who she is as a king woman. I will leave you to Google to Judge that brilliant truth about her.
Tara Fela Durotoye needs no further introduction as she is the brain box behind the distinguished Make up brand” House of Tara”. You need some make up tips and products? She’s the boss lady you can call.
 Foluso Gbadamosi is what I would call brains on wheels, she is the executive director Industrial and General Insurance company and an amazing IT expert.
Omoni Oboli, Producer and Actress extraordinaire whom on her birthday came to share the day with young ladies like myself, was graceful. she shared her life story and it was so impactful and truly she touched a part of me that made me understand that it takes a process to get to the top and its okay where you are right now enjoy the journey, because you will get there. She left us with great words and said “Always treat the person next to you with love and respect.” 
Dolapo Badmus, the “Crime buster” is the Lagos state police public relations officer (PPRO) and boy does she ascertain the fact that women also help fight crime.
Last but definitely not the least, we had the visionary herself the majestic, prolific, and exemplary woman in person of , LINDA IKEJI.  She spoke to us about her life story and boy would you be shocked that Linda was picked up by Special Anti-Fraud Unit and it was because she knew and believed in something that drove her towards excelling as a career woman. But hey, who remembers that now her work and growth have spoken for her. She encouraged us using her life story and admonished us to learn from the success stories of these successful young and empowered women.
Who is the Self Made Woman?
-          The Self Made woman is a woman who makes it on her own terms.
-          She chooses not to settle for the Status Quo.
-          She Writes her own story.
-          She chooses “what “ and “ how” to handle her tomorrow.
-          She is Empowered and powerful beyond measure.
Brief Highlighted powerful words from the speakers
Dr Olamide Orekunrin
-          If you want something, TAKE IT.
-          Be able to go after your dreams and TAKE IT.
-          When opportunity comes be able to recognize it and TAKE IT.
-          Keep your girls close. Stand United not divided.
-          Be Aggressive enough to go after what you want, always remember to TAKE IT.
Officiallolo1 aka Adaku
-          A woman that has nothing inside is empty.
-          No matter what you do, you cannot be the next person love yourself.
-          Life takes a process, don’t rush go through your own process.
-          It doesn’t matter what anybody calls you but what you call yourself.
-          Nobody can define or determine your life.
-          Take a step, don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen, Make things happen.
            Kemi Adetiba
-          You have to work so hard so that no man would be able to bluff you.
-          Believe in yourself
-          Action!! Put in action and have a plan, invest in your dream.
-          You are always going to have an opportunity. Be able to recognize it and go after it.
-          You work is a business to the universe. People don’t have to see you in person they will see that work you have done.
-          Seize every opportunity, take it and knock it out the park.
-          Operation face your front. Stay on your lane be focused and run your own race.
-          Surround yourself with like minded people. They will motivate you.
-          Life will happen to you regardless, but focus on your goal and tell yourself I will achieve it.
Omoni Oboli
-          Always treat the person next to you with love and respect.
-          People are watching your every move.
-          Love one another.
Tara Durotoye
-          Accept that you are created by God.
-          Believe in this country and in yourself
-          Do not compare yourself to another.
-          Develop relationships
-          Empower others around you.
Dolapo Badmus
-          For you to succeed in life you must understand your purpose.
-          Life is not a contest, it is a content.
-          Discover your purpose
-          Find your passion and be committed to it.
-          Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire.
-          Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity.
-          Productivity is not about ideas, its about making ideas happen.
-          Pointers for achieving productivity: Have Direction, Be Organized, Time Management, Plan and perform, Be active.
In the end you see that the empowered woman is powerful beyond measure. The different speakers come from different works of life and have made it and are still making it happen in their various sectors. Little wonder how the bible says in Eph 4:11 “And he gave some Apostles, some Prophets, and some evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints, for the edifying of the body of Christ”. Each career, each gift and talent that these speaker will is to profit all and that is the essence of being self made. It is being able to give back.
Big up’s to LINDA IKEJI to ACCESS BANK and to YUDALA for empowering such a brilliant program. And on a final note Cheers to all the amazing women out there. Keep up the “W” Initiative.
P.S: We also had a mind blowing performance by Seyi Shay which couldn’t keep us on our sits for much long. It was an electric performance. So hey you, do make sure you make it for the next Linda Ikeji’s Self Made woman conference it will change your life..Xoxo.
                                                                                           Written by:
                                                                                           AKINSANYA BLESSING TOMIWA


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